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Tractor Simulator(LS-TTS)

Product Advantages:


The simulators are mainly used in the training of operational approach and common working scenes. In the training schools, before the real machine hands-on operation training, let the trainees learn and practice how to operate the real machine could reduce repetitive, faulty and even dangerous operation caused by lack of operation experience. Meantime, fuel consumption, wear rate and maintenance will be saved at least 30% as well.


There is no need to say that it is safe for the trainees training on simulators. However, during the real machine operating training, the trainees could be get much better prepared by practicing on the simulators beforehand, so that the potential dangerous operation will be reduced. Because the freshman without any operation experience might bring danger or damage to the on-site people or the machine itself by raw driving and operation.


It is kind of difficult for training schools or centres to arrange independent real machine for every trainee. Because the real machine is too big and expensive. The trainees could take turns to hands-on operate the real machines and the rest could practice on simulators. In bad weather condition, like storm, the trainees could still continue training program. After a series of common working scenes training on simulator, the trainees will spend less time than before.


The simulator could not creat tail gas pollution. Moreover, as we have talked above, it could still help the real machines to reduce tail gas pollution by cutting down their working time.

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